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Analytics Event Tracking with the GA Debugger

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Testing events in Google Analytics is easy using the GA Debugging Chrome tool. (For my introduction see this blog post - Let's us two examples an outbound link event and video tracking events. Let's assume you have setup Outbound Link tracking like in this blog article and now you want to test that it is working correctly.

screenshot blogtrioniacom 20190220 15 35 57

Then by clicking on the outbound link ( in this case) we can see the results in the GA Debug output in the Chrome Developer Console.

ga debug event tracking

GA Debug - Event Tracking Output

We can see the values for eventCategory, eventAction and eventLabel correspond to the values we are expecting within our Google Analytics Reporting. The video below shows how to view the results step by step.

To see our related YouTube Video - Google Analytics Debugger - Introduction

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Jay Murphy

Jay Murphy is a digital analytics expert and founder of Trionia, where he specializes in transforming data into actionable insights for large and mid-sized businesses. With over thirty years of experience and a passion for Google Analytics since its inception, Jay has honed his skills to bridge the gap between technical data analysis and strategic business planning. An educator at heart, he has developed and taught comprehensive digital marketing courses at both the undergraduate level and within organizations, enriching minds with his deep understanding of the digital analytics landscape.

His career, which began in systems analysis for spacecraft guidance, has evolved through roles that blend technical acumen with strategic vision across various sectors, including Fortune 500, Higher Education and Non-Profits. Certified in Google Analytics since 2011, Jay's leadership at Trionia has spearheaded successful online campaigns and innovative marketing strategies, underlining his commitment to leveraging data for growth. Jay's approach goes beyond the numbers; he's a storyteller who uses data to drive business success, making him a pivotal figure in the digital marketing world.


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