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Outbound Link Tracking with GTM - Update

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We'll it is time to update this earlier blog article - GTM has a new check for outbound links.  This allows us to check for outbound links is now a selection in auto-event variables.  We can then use this as part of our trigger.  Here is an example of this in an auto-event variable and then we will incorporate this into a complete outbound link solution:

GoogleTagManager Outbound Auto-Event Variable

This variable returns a true value if the link is not in one of the 'Affiliated Domains'.  In our example we have a single domain, but multiple domains can be included as part of a comma seperated list.  The next step is to update our trigger so it uses the Outbound Link variable as our condition for our trigger.  Notice that we do not have to put in any logic in the trigger - GTM has done all the Boolean Bookkeeping for us!

GoogleTagManager Outbound Trigger with Auto Event Variable

And then our Tag will be automatically updated - it will look the same:

GoogleTagManager Outbound Tag with Auto Event Variable

In this tag - a nice update would be to record the Click URL in the label field to provide additional information for future analysis.

And then a quick test to confirm everything is working (use 'ctrl-click' to open up the link in a new tab so you can see the values in GTM Preview):

GoogleTagManager Test Auto Event Variable

It passes the test!  We can publish our container with our new Outbound Link Auto-Event Variable.  (A complete test will check that this does not fire for internal links, downloads, image clicks...)

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