Tuesday, 15 December 2015 16:35

Tracking Outbound Links with Google Tag Manager

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Use Google Tag Manager to track Outbound Links This blog article is a follow-on to an earlier article that showed how to Track PDF downloads in the latest version of Google Tag Manager (V2).  This blog will show the same approach used for tracking outbound links - to either an Google Analytics Event or to a Virtual Page View. Login into your Google Tag Manager account and click on the New Variable button - to make sure you will have access to the ""Click URL"" variable, click on the check box next to the ""Click URL"". We will be using this variable to determine whether this is an outbound link.  (We also make the Click Text variable available as well - since it can sometime be a clearer value in the final reporting.  Keep in mind that every variable adds a little bit more JavaScript on your users browser.) Create an Outbound…
Friday, 06 February 2015 19:58

Tracking PDF Downloads with Google Tag Manager

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Use Google Tag Manager's new user interface to track PDF Downloads The new version of Google Tag Manager is a lot easier to work with no more triggers, listeners and rules.  They are all combined into triggers.  Two of our favorite Tags we setup in the old version of Google Tag Manager were tags to track PDF downloads and tags to track outbound links.  We will step through how to setup each of these in the new user interface for Google Tag Manager. Setup Variables First out of the gate we want to setup a tag in Google Tag Manager (GTM) that fires Google Analytics Event when a user on our website clicks on a PDF link.  To begin this setup we will login to GTM and within your container open up the Variables tab. Now turn on the Click Variable ""Click URL"" and ""Click Text"".  The ""Click URL"" is…
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